I provide individual, couple, and group therapy services. Below you'll find a bit about each of these and what you can expect. 



One-on-one therapy is a crucial part of many people's personal growth and development. The opportunity to unfold into a safe and present space, trusting the relationship that exists between therapist and client, is the cornerstone to good therapeutic work. We will explore your goals and develop a plan together that best suits your needs.


Couples and family work:

$150 / 1.5 hours

Relationships are the hardest thing we do as human beings. Sometimes seeking help from a third party can illuminate the blind spots that cause stress and misunderstanding. When I work with couples, it is important to understand that the relationship is my client. I will never side with an individual, but rather, we will explore what the relationship needs to be healthy. Our relationships are as unique as the individuals that create them. I support relationships of all kinds, what is important is that it works for the participants involved.